Ms. Wendy

Wendy grew up in the rural outskirts of Ouachita parish where her love of the natural world was nurtured.   She graduated from LA Tech with degrees in English and Art in 1995.  She completed coursework for elementary education certification, worked in a quilt shop, and painted, before going back to get her masters in literature and subsequently her MFA in painting.  While in graduate school, Wendy taught remedial English, drawing, and color theory. She began teaching art at Wildflower Montessori around 2000.  After completing her MFA, Wendy went to Houston Montessori Center to middle school training—she started the first Wildflower Montessori Jr. High in 2002 with a class of four wonderful boys!  In 2007, a year after the birth of her second child, she decided to take a break from teaching full time.  She taught drawing classes at Tech as an adjunct instructor, and spent time being a mommy.  In 2009 there was an opening at Wildflower for an upper elementary teacher.  Wendy went to Houston again for two summers to get her lower and upper elementary training to be the guide of that class, and that is where she is today.  She loves learning with her class, and loves the climate of lifelong learning that the Montessori classroom engenders.