5-day Montessori Programs Annual Tuition 10-Month Plan
20 to 36 months, toddler half-day program $3,795.00 $389.00/mo.
20 to 36 months, toddler full-day program $5,595.00 $569.00/mo.
3 to 6 years, pre-primary half-day program $3,415.00 $351.00/mo.
3 to 6 years, pre-primary full-day program $4,995.00 $509.00/mo.
6 to 9 years, lower elementary $5,665.00 $576.00/mo.
9 to 12 years, upper elementary $5,665.00 $576.00/mo.
12 to 15 years, middle school $5,665.00 $576.00/mo.

ANNUAL TUITION: If tuition is paid in full by July 1, a 5% discount will be given.

10-MONTH PLAN: You have a choice of doing ACH deposits or checks for your child’s tuition.  Our ACH deposits go through on the first of every month for 10 months.  If you choose to pay by check, we require that we hold ten post-dated checks that are due in the school office (along with registration packet information  no later than June 15).  Checks must be dated for the 1st or the 5th of each month, July through April.

SIBLING DISCOUNT: The oldest enrolled child pays 100% tuition.  Other children in the same family receive a 5% reduction in tuition.  However, if you prepay a sibling’s tuition, you may take a 10% discount off the tuition of that child.

SUPPLY FEES are $275.00 per child.  This fee is due on June 15 along with tuition checks.  However, you may post-date this check for September 1 to be included in your child’s packet that you receive in May.

REGISTRATION FEES for the upcoming year (2017-18) are due at the time of enrollment.  They are currently $275.00. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The following programs are also available to children enrolled at MSR:

BEFORE SCHOOL CARE: 7:35-8:30 am, $2.00 per day (no charge for elementary) or siblings being dropped off with an elementary student.

AFTER SCHOOL CARE: until 5:30 pm, $50.00 per week ($10 per day if used more than 5 times a month) or $12 per day for drop-ins.

Any child who is not picked up at regular dismissal time will go to our After School Care program.  Please see charges listed above.

A $1 per minute fee will be charged for each child who is not picked up at regular after school care dismissal time (5:30pm).

TEACHER PICKUP:  In an effort to partner with teachers from other schools within the Lincoln Parish School System, your family can receive a 50% discount off of After School Care per child if picked up before 4:00pm. To receive this discount, you will need to come by the office and sign up.  There is a $50.00 annual sign-up fee to participate in this discount.

TUESDAY/THURSDAY LUNCH BUNCH: This service begins in OCTOBER and is available to half-day students for $15.00 per day (billed when the month ends).

There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks.

Please contact Renée Hunt at 318.251.1590 or wildflowermontessori@gmail.com for more information regarding tuition, fees, and other excellent Montessori information specific to your child's age.