Do you want your child to be intrinsically motivated and resilient? Creative? To love learning and want to use their talents to promote good in our world? If these goals align with your dreams for your child then a Montessori learning experience is probably the style of learning you will want for your child. 

We approach your child holistically as an individual and are equally interested in their physical, social, and spiritual development as their intellectual development. The MSR experience is set up to support parents in nurturing children to realize their full potential and transform that potential into goodness in our world.

We believe children come to us with a desire to learn and it is our job to meet that desire with experiences that engage them in wonder, joy, creativity and ingenuity. 

We believe children are the hope of the future. Our teachers respect our students and work with them to cultivate an inner peace, which translates into peace with others. Our students learn to approach conflict as an opportunity and acquire the skills to resolve it productively. In helping children understand the how and why of peace, we bring to fruition the core purpose of a Montessori education: actively understanding your own time, place, and culture, and using your full potential (intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional) to bring light and life to our world.

We invite you to explore Montessori and complete our inquiry form and a member of our admissions team will contact you! You may also reach us directly by calling 318.251.1590 or emailing schoolofficemsr@gmail.com.