Montessori School of Ruston is an accredited Montessori school serving children from toddler through 8th grade (15 months to 15 years) and has a 34-year track record of inspiring amazing work.

Quick facts about our school:

  • We are a Louisiana accredited non-public Montessori school.
  • We are a full member school of the American Montessori Society and are a pathways program working towards full AMS accreditation.
  • We are a community of approximately 110 students, 25 faculty and staff, and over 80 families.
  • Our campus in Northeast Louisiana is centrally located in Ruston, LA near Louisiana Tech University and Grambling University.

At MSR, your child will be immersed in an environment seeking to support their intellectual, physical, social-emotional and spiritual development.

  • We root your child's learning experience in the Montessori principles: respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for the environment.
  • We carefully prepare our classrooms "environments" and materials to cultivate your child's own natural desire to learn (wonder), encourage them to take risks (courage) and enable them to overcome obstacles and challenges ("grit"). 
  • We seek to support your child's freedom of choice within the school environment in way that allows them to fully pursue their passions while acquiring well-rounded knowledge and essential skills.
  • We understand children need movement, sunshine, and free play! We are intentional about keeping them on the move!