Foreign Language

In addition to the core academic curriculum, MSR offers classes in Spanish. Students in the Toddler and Primary Programs have Spanish integrated into their classroom materials, while Elementary through Middle School students have Spanish classes four times per week of varying length.


In addition to the core curriculum, MSR offers a variety of Special classes in the arts at the Kindergarten through Middle School levels. Our curriculum focuses on art history during the first half of the year, and a professional artist works with the students to compose works after the style of various modern and classic artists during the second half of the year.


Music appreciation is incorporated throughout our curriculum at all levels beginning in the toddler class and continuing through middle school. The Montessori approach to exposing children to Students also have the opportunity to participate in music on Thursdays after school. Further, the Arts are integrated within everyone of MSR's classrooms as part of the regular curriculum.


Students, Elementary through Middle School, participate in a curriculum based physical education program. We also are intentional about giving them time for free play. Students are given freedom of movement in throughout the day, meaning students can choose where they work and move throughout the classroom as needed, as well as enjoy both structured and open recess outside. 

After School Sports

Elementary through Middle School students may take part in Cross Country during the first half of the year. Students may also play soccer and baseball through RPAR and Upwards basketball, or they may play through Ruston Elementary or Ruston Middle School. We are in the process of developing a more formal after school sports program.

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