Annual Fund

At Montessori School of Ruston, we rely on the generosity of our community to deliver authentic Montessori education. Tuition is the primary source of income at MSR, but tuition alone does not cover the total cost of educating an MSR student. Our school, like most independent schools, colleges, and non-profit organizations, relies on gifts to help meet annual operating expenses. In addition to annual giving, MSR has relied on fundraising, school programs, summer camps, and lower than average employee salaries and benefits to bridge the gap. Many of our staff are willingly paid less than they could receive elsewhere because of the value they place on Montessori education. Many of our parents give of their time, resources, and money to our school for the same reason. It is this legacy of voluntary giving that enables our school to remain independent and healthy. It makes the difference between good and great in terms of the programs MSR can offer our children.

At MSR, we work very hard to keep tuition as low as possible because raising tuition would restrict even further the number of families able to attend MSR. Charitable contributions, unlike tuition, are tax-deductible, and allow us to offer a Montessori education to many more families, while also maintaining the excellence of our programs. The health of a school is measured in part by the support generated by all the school's constituents. For this reason we are asking for participation from every facet of our community: the board of directors, faculty and staff, current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends. We recognize every family has a level of giving that's comfortable for them, and we are grateful for every contribution, no matter its size.

We need you to accomplish our mission as a school. Will you join us by making a donation today? If you have any questions, please contact our fundraising chair, Dorothy Welsh, at or our MAPS chair, Angie Biscomb, at

Thank you for your support!