Weekly News

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sharing your students with us! They are an AMAZING group of people and we are sharing so many wonderful experiences with them. One thing we have hoped to improve is how we share what happens here with all of you. We know you want to see your beautiful children and all the lovely things they are doing here. We used an app called Bloomz last year and it worked really well for many of our classrooms; however the price to use this app has increased extensively and we would like to consider what other options are possible.

One of our wonderful MSR mothers has volunteered to create some surveys for parents to fill out. We want to hear your feedback so please take the time to complete these as they come to you. Your response to these surveys helps guide our decisions going forward and help us prioritize needs to be addressed at the school. I also want to remind all of our parents to remember your child's teacher is your first communication for anything regarding your child's experience at MSR. Our staff is intentional and focused on the development of your child from the first to the very last minute of the school day and for this reason we ask that you reserve your questions and concerns to outside of our school hours. We have set up a teacher note drop box in the office where you can leave any last minute notes for child's teacher and Mrs. Randi will be sure to deliver them. You may also text or email your teacher; however, please do not expect a response until after the school day ends. 

We are all hopefully back into our school routines. Late happens and as a mother of seven children, I know all too well just how "messy" mornings can be. We understand. All that being said, I also want to remind myself as well as all of you how important it is for our children to arrive to school on time, well rested and prepared for the day. I found this article, written by a Montessori Primary guide to help me better understand how being late affects my child in the classroom and it caused me to be more aware of being on time. We will begin enforcing an attendance policy as recommended by AMS following Labor Day weekend. Accordingly, children will not be allowed to come to school after 9:15am unless they have a doctor's/therapist's note to excuse them. Also please remember that elementary and middle school students arriving after 8:05AM and primary and toddler students arriving after 8:30AM must be brought to the office prior to going to their classroom to be checked in.  I found this article, How to get out the door on time (even with kids), to be extremely helpful in thinking through how to make my own family's mornings more successful. 

We hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend and please remember we have no school on Monday September 2, 2019. We look forward to seeing everyone bright and early on Tuesday September 3rd!!

Happy Wednesday,

Dr. Lisa Post